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Creative video workshop “Videostudio SADKO” is one of the leading video production studios in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region, successfully operating in the market of video and TV services since 2004.

13 years ago, the “Videostudio SADKO” started its activity with the television programmes run on Saint Petersburg TV channels. Then, being one of the first in the market in Northwest Russia, it began to develop new media resources, and is successfully working in this direction at present.

The creative video workshop “Videostudio SADKO” is a part of the Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For all years of its activity the Videostudio:
  • visited a large number of cities in Europe, Asia and Russia for creating television programmes and video products, both by order of the inviting party (companies, representatives of other States, etc.), and by the orders of TV channels of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region, as well as various satellite TV channels;
  • created more than 700 cycles of television shows and 70 movies;
  • created a YouTube channel "Mir dlya Tebya" ("World for You");
  • opened three of its own Internet TV channels.
Today “Videostudio SADKO” is:
  • private modern studio and equipment;
  • experienced and professional team, ensuring high quality of work;
  • creative and customized approach to each order;
  • video production of any complexity using modern technologies;
  • execution of orders exactly within the set deadlines;
  • service prices meeting the highest requirements of quality/price calculated for any customers.

Our main role is to support you in developing a compelling visual message and presenting it in an engaging way. Whether you are marketing a new product, training employees or customer, or reaching out to stakeholders to develop support for a new project, we are here to help you get to the heart of things.

“Videostudio SADKO” offers:
  • a wide range of services in video shooting and creation of TV-production (various video items and any requirements of Customers; from video advertising and short films to serial feature-length documentary cycles of TV programmes);
  • placing of different video products on the regional and Federal TV channels, Internet TV channels and on YouTube.

“Videostudio SADKO” is interested in development of business cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.

Phone: +7 (812) 572 11 00, +7 (921) 942 65 84
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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+7 (812) 572 11 00
+7 (921) 942 65 84

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